Saturday, March 17, 2012

Canadian Bacon Pancakes

Just a short post today. My pancake obsession is still in full force. Woke up this morning and decided to make them for breakfast with Betty's awesome recipe. This time I only put in half a cup of milk, and they were so much thicker and fluffier. But the best part was I fried some Canadian bacon and then poured the batter right over the bacon. What a yummy combo- crispy meat and fluffy pancake. Can't believe I never thought of this before! Happy St Patty's day everyone!


  1. Hi Val!
    thanks for dropping by and joining my blog~ :) Those pancakes look seriously amazing (anything that has bacon in it, I'm game!) ;)
    I look forward to seeing how your leopard print shoes come out! And using leopard print paper is such a neat idea!
    -Now following,
    Jane @ :)

  2. I like your blog very much, Val!
    I think I can learn much about crochet from you.
    Of course, I'm gladly following back and looking forward to see more from you.

    1. Thanks! I will have to post some easy beginner projects sometime soon!

  3. Hi Val! Thanks for visiting my blog and becomming a follower, following you back! These pancakes look so delish, Canadian bacon is soooo good!!!

    Heather @

  4. That looks tasty! We do bits of hot dog or bacon in ours. Thanks for stopping by my blog too : )