Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beaded Crochet T-shirt Scarf

It seems like t-shirt scarfs are all the rage right now! This is my second one that I have made, and I do like how they dress up a plain t-shirt. During a recent Goodwill-by-the-pound visit on a work trip to CA (I don't think they have this glorious invention in TX) I picked up a long pink dress made up of t-shirt material. It was cute, but the length was weird, and it had a little hole. Unfortunately I did not take before shots. =(

To make this particular scarf, I cut thin uninterrupted loops starting at the hem. I had to sew the ends together of my other t-shirt scarf to make an actual scarf, but this was so much easier since the dress was wide enough to make a scarf length. As I cut each strip, I pulled it tight to get the fabric to roll together.

Then came the hard part. I strung a ton of beads onto some Aunt Lydia's #10 crochet thread, then crocheted chains and brought up a bead every ten or so stitches and chained over it. Sounded semi-easy when I first thought of it, but was totally, ridiculously tedious. The thread kept getting tangled, and it was just an overall mess. I made two strings of these crocheted beads, and then put them together with my strings of t-shirt. To finish off, I crocheted two little cuffs (8 chains, and then single crochet about 8 rows, or whatever is big enough to wrap around all the strings of your scarf, then slip stitch the two ends over everything) to secure the pieces together. Here is the result:

If you don't have crochet skills, you could take the simple (and less mind numbing) route of just making a few strings of beads, and then using a piece of your t-shirt to secure everything in two spots like I did with the cuffs. Would still have the bead-y, drape-y look that I got here, but just a little simpler in the construction. Have you tried making one of these scarfs yet using the many tutorials found online?


  1. This is gorgeous and creative.good job:)

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  2. Cute scarf!! I love the pink!! Love the egg jars and candles too, looking forward to more of your projects!! Thanks for visiting The Latest Find! Now following you also! Hope you're having a good week! =)

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