Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ugly Frame = New "Antique" Mirror with Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Spray Paint

When I got married a few years ago, we got lots of lovely gifts. Like our stand mixer. And Fiesta ware. And a cordless drill. And then there are those things you just don't like, and with no gift receipt, alas, you are stuck with it! This large frame was one of them:

It is something like 11x17, and for a while I thought about putting a wedding picture in there. But then I thought such a huge picture of us would be weird. And then it sat behind our couch and got sort of dinged up. And I never really like how gold it was. 

I have noticed lately that these ornate black scrolly frames seem very popular in stores, and figured if I spray painted it black it would look more modern. I also wanted to experiment with Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Spray Paint, which I have seen a number of people use in projects on their respective blogs. With my 40% off coupon, it was only $8. 

To start, I spray painted the frame. I used some black paint that was supposed to be rust proof for cars. Not so worried about the rusting of my wooden frame, but it was what we had and didn't seem worth buying something new. Took a number of coats (about 4) and a touch-up spray the next day, but went pretty well. Then I laid out my glass and sprayed the back five times like the can said, waiting for it to dry in between sprays. I also did a second touch up spray the next day. I am feeling a bit iffy about how it turned out- a little blurry, with some weird spots. And definitely not equal to the quality of a real mirror. Not sure if I just sprayed unevenly or what. In any case, I have decided to call this look "antique." 

I am however pretty happy with the frame. It is much better looking now without all that ugly gold! It's now on my dresser with my jewelry box. Maybe if I get tired of this as a mirror, I'll just use the empty frame by itself as a decoration. Has anyone else tried this Krylon paint with somewhat better luck?

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  1. I LOVE IT! It does have a more modern feel to it!
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