Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Jewelry from the Magic Box!

So last week I shared with you a few things I fixed up from this awesome box of broken jewelry I found at an event. Check it out here. This week, I have some more magic box awesomeness to share with you. During a recent Wal-Mart trip, I found these neat little necklaces, two for $1, that were made up of ribbons and faux suede.

I pried open the clasp holding the ribbon and together open with a needle nose pliers so I could string beads on there.

Where I opened the hasp
I had found about five broken necklaces from the box that I cut apart so I could get at the beads, plus this cool leaf charm. Amongst all the beads I ended up with some cool beveled plastic ones, and with the leaf charm I thought it would all make a cool layered look. Strung the beads carefully over the ribbon and suede, and then carefully stuffed all the ends back inside the hasp and squished it shut with the pliers. This was the only semi-hard part- it took a couple of tries to get them in there neatly and not falling out. Here is the finished product:

I made two other necklaces, plus I have a bunch of beads I am using for a crochet project, and these cool flowers that I can't figure out what to do with yet. Pretty awesome for a sum total investment of $1!


  1. Those flowers would be great to glue on a ribbon for hair or a 3D card!