Thursday, February 9, 2012

Handmade Valentines Made from Recycled Paper

I have always loved making handmade cards from found bits of paper, old cards, decoupage, and whatever random bits of things I have stashed in my craft bin. In particular, I love making handmade Valentines, as you saw in my post for make envelopes the other day. I'm currently traveling for work in lovely Roseville, CA, and during a quick Wal-Mart trip the other night, I found these adorable little letter stamps for 97 cents that reminded me of the ones I saw in this post for a hand stamped onesie.

For some reason I always end up making some sort of craft project (probably out of sheer business traveler boredom) out of whatever I have at hand and stuffed in my laptop bag. This time, I just couldn't wait to try out my little stampies, so I decided to make another Valentine! Here was what I had at hand:

-Stamps and ink
-Random pieces of paper
-Sewing kit
-A newspaper
-Mini pointy scissors (kept in my bag for crocheting, or in case I need to stab a terrorist in the jugular)

I found an ad that had a lot of white space in the newspaper and stamped around in a heart shape three times to spell out the word love. Cut those out, and paged through the Valentines day ads in the paper for some other things to cut out- I found a sparkly heart, a bottle of wine, and something that said "My Valentine." I didn't have a glue stick, so I just used my little sewing kit to stitch my pieces to the paper and then to make a cute edging. Then, ta-da! I had my little card. Now I just need to my an envelope. =)

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