Saturday, January 28, 2012

The wonderful uses of felt!

One of my favorite places to wander endlessly and get ideas is Hobby Lobby. I told my husband recently that if I could, I would decorate our whole house with stuff purchased here. He says he would be happy for me to do so assuming I "stick with a theme." Apparently my decorating style, such as it is, is too random for his taste.

In any case, on a recent trip, I came across the felt aisle. While I normally would dismiss felt as being sort of elementary school, this felt had SPARKLES and FLOWERS and other such wonderful things on it, and I had to buy some even though I had no purpose for it whatsoever.

Not long after, we went to a fundraiser for soldiers where you were supposed to make Valentine's and care packages to send them. There was this truly enormous box of random broken jewelry that had been donated from a local store called Charming Charlies that I guess you were supposed to rip apart and put on your card. Although I made lots of sparkly cards for the soldiers, I was also interested in how much of the stuff I found in this box of goodness could be rehabilitated.

Which gets us back to the felt. Amongst all the jewelry, I found a satin pink headband and a silver hair clip that had been de-nuded, and I decided that this was the perfect place for my felt to find a home. I cut out some cute shapes and hot glued them right on. Turned out super cute and cost me about fifty cents total.

My other felty project was to create Valentine's day coasters. I am a big dork and love having coasters to match the season, but so far I have not found any Valentine's coasters at the store. Guess other people out in the world don't feel the same way. This project was equally simple- just traced the inside and the outside of a roll of duct tape, cut away, and then sewed them together with my sewing machine. All together the headband, clip and coasters all took probably 45 minutes!

I have a few more goodies that I found in the magic box that I will be posting in days to come, so keep on the lookout. What else should I do with my sparkle felt?

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